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Our award-winning environmentally friendly coffee will always be shipped to you fresh!  Each week Jordan, the artesian coffee roaster, will roast just enough of our beans to fill the orders that we have received.  After cooling and resting each batch, the coffee is weighed into specially vented foil bags.  This way we ensure that the coffee you receive will be at its peak in flavor.

Maui Mountain HomeGrown is offered in three very different roasting styles. Each enhances different aspects of our coffee’s unique flavor profile. Just click on the roast of your choice to order!

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HomeGrown, Hand-Picked, Sun-Dried, Freshly Roasted.

Our lightest roast of coffee is called First Light. It has a bright clean and crisp profile with vibrant notes of lime, the aroma of magnolia and hints of coriander and cinnamon.

Closest to a Full City roast is called Sunrise.  It is a very smooth, almost creamy bodied medium roast. It has lingering tones of vanilla, almond, caramel and milk chocolate. 

The dark Volcano Roast is a rich full-bodied coffee with a wonderful deep aroma and a slight sugar cane sweetness that allows the natural chocolaty tones of Maui grown coffee to shine through. 

Our coffees are available in one-pound and half-pound bags. Be sure to select whole bean or ground coffee. 

Multi Award Winning!

Environmentally Friendly

No Herbicides, No Pesticides, for over 20 years!

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